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About Bohol and Panglao Island

About Bohol and Panglao islands :

  • -The island province of Bohol is located in the Visayas, one of three major island groups in the Philippines. Bohol is famous for the Chocolate Hills, the Philippine tarsier, and the different coral white sand beaches and dive sites in Panglao Island, the place where Isis Bungalows is located.
    Panglao Island is a 20-kilometer limestone island southwest of mainland Bohol. It is separated from the mainland by the Dauis Strait. 2 bridges connects the island to the mainland. Aside from its white sand beaches, Panglao Island is known for world-class dive sites that are frequented by amateur and professional divers. The most wellknown beach of the island is Alona Beach where Isis Bungalows is located area.


How to reach Panglao island and Alona Beach :

  • By air or by boat.

    Panglao has it's own international airport sincef 2018, airport that is 2 km away from Alona Beach. What a wonderful thing ! And eventhough it is close to the beach, you hardly ear the planes landing or taking off. Main companies are Philippines airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and some other ones.

    Most boats are coming from Cebu City or Dumaguete City. Main company is Oceanjet (/


Isis Bungalows facilities :

  • -4 bungalows and 8 rooms. Rooms 1 and 2 + Bungalow 8 have a beautiful view on the sea

  • -Restaurant serving tasty thai, seafood, Filipino and international food

  • -Aircond in all the rooms and bungalows

  • -Free Wifi

  • -220 V

  • -Cable and flat TV in all the rooms and bungalows

  • -Powerful silent type generator in case of a brownout

  • -swimming pool: no for we are located right on the beach. Therefore, the sea is our swimming pool.


Medical Advice :

  • -There are no compulsory vaccinations when visiting the Philippines. Malaria and yellow fever are non existent in this area.


Climate :

  • -The Philippines has tropical weather. Rainy season is from July to February (unabundant rainfall).


Religion :

  • -Central Visayas is a predominantly Catholic area


Languages used :

  • -Locals speak the Cebuano dialect and sometimes Filipino. Most locals can speak and understand English. On the beach proper, most European and Asian languages are spoken.


Currency :

  • -The Philippine Peso is used when buying things or as fare for public transport.

  • -It is advised that foreigners have their money changed first to peso since most establishments do not accept foreign currency.

  • -The Peso. 1US$= around 54 P, 1 Euro= 60 P, 1 CHF= 60 P. For the latest foreign exchange rates.


Visa Requirements :

  • -No visa is required for travelers from North America and most European or Asian countries who are staying in the Philippines for less than 3 weeks. Visa extensions can be obtained from immigration offices at Tagbilaran City in Bohol and Cebu City in Cebu province.



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