Isis Bungalows

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Alona Beach is a popular diving area because of the Alona Beach Sanctuary, which is five minutes away from the beach. There are also other popular dive spots that are very near Alona that can be easily reached by boat. The dive sites here are teeming with anemones, multicolored corals, different kinds of fish, nudibranchs and even sharks and barracudas if you’re lucky.
Isis Bungalows does not have its own dive center but there are at least 12 dive centers that are only a walking distance from the resort. At very competitive prices, one can get a PADI in English or other language.
Professional divers and even those who are just starting out to explore the sea will surely enjoy the services of the different dive centers surrounding Isis Bungalows.



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